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Beijing Hongji Shida Hydraulic Co, LTD., located in the north of the Miyun hydraulic valve production base, the company covers an area of 13,333.4 ㎡. A joint-stock enterprise was established in 2002 by numerous experienced hydraulic engineering technicians.
The company has strong technical strength and has received many positive reviews in both domestic and foreign markets. Help customers solve multiple technical problems and develop new products according to customer requirements.

Beijing Hongji Shida Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

The company's main products are proportional valve, direction valve, pressure valve, stack valve, flow control valve, cartridge valve and other six categories, are widely used in mining, metallurgy, rubber, road construction, construction, machinery and other hydraulic systems.
In order to ensure the stability of product quality, the company has established the guiding ideology of the combination of strong and strong at the beginning of its establishment, so as to carry out strict screening of hydraulic suppliers, and implement strict inspection into the factory. Laid the foundation of the quality of the hydraulic valve, coupled with the strict and precise assembly test, in recent years, has won the majority of users' praise and love. Thanks to the trust of new and old customers and the efforts of the company's staff, has formed an annual output of nearly one hundred thousand pieces of hydraulic valve scale. And in the domestic establishment of a number of stores and direct communication with customers, service faster, more secure.
Our concept:  has produced hydraulic quality, cast Acer World great; With high quality and good faith service, build Acer Shida brand.
Our aim:  to enable users to use high quality hydraulic valve products at affordable prices; Let Skidder win users' trust in us.
Enterprise service core:  customer service priority, continuous improvement based.

Our Advantage

High-tech Field

Technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development, Hongji Shida focus on technology research and development for many years, the hydraulic valve developed by the breakthrough of new technical fields, from then on to break the domestic long-term dependence on imported scenes.

Strict Control of Product Quality

Focus on product details, unified management, dedicated personnel to ensure that products meet international standards. To provide customers with one-stop solutions, customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

Short Delivery Lead Time

Own large plant, stable technical staff, a variety of processing equipment, production skills level perfect. Shorten the production cycle and say goodbye to long lead times and delays in production when ordering from abroad.

Professional After-Sales Support

No matter what your business needs or where you are located, we have the service and technical capacity to meet your needs for after-sales service and technical support in a fast and efficient manner.
Beijing Hongji Shida Hydraulic Co., Ltd., located in the north of the hydraulic valve production base Miyun, the company covers an area of 13,333.4 ㎡, by many experienced hydraulic engineering and technical personnel and hydraulic engineers in 2002 joint venture to create a joint-stock enterprise.


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